These famous women said no to plastic surgery

Jun 13, 2022 AT 10:59 AM | BY ChilliVibe

For the ladies in Hollywood, going under the knife is almost a rite of passage. When they treat themselves to a full-body makeover and a facelift, they spend their hard-earned money on everything from chin implants to lip fillers.

But these famous women have never undergone surgery – or if they’ve, they’ve kept it well under wraps.

Sharon Stone

There’s an unspoken rule in Tinsel Town that says “women over a certain age” need to look younger if they want to keep working. But the stunning Sharon Stone has chosen to age gracefully.

She reportedly relies on regular workouts and a commercial drugstore face cream to keep her famous face in tip-top shape, and whatever she does, it works – she looks just as good at 63 as she did when she shot Basic Instinct at 34.

Emma Thompson

Not only has Emma Thompson not undergone plastic surgery, she’s been very vocal about the fact that cosmetic procedures are a dangerous thing that society should normalize.

In an interview with “Hello Magazine,” the “Love Actually” star said, “It’s chronically unhealthy and has a very serious side to it because we’re going to end up with a kind of ‘super culture’ that suggests to young people, girls and boys, that this looks normal. And that’s not normal.”

Halle Berry

Peer pressure can be very strong. Halle Berry hasn’t undergone plastic surgery, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t thought about it.

“When you see everyone around you doing it,” Berry said in an interview with makeup guru Bobbi Brown for Yahoo! Beauty, “there are those moments when you think, ‘Do I’ve to do this to survive in this business?”‘

Instead of resigning, the Oscar winner has her own mantra. “I just kept reminding myself that beauty really is what it’s.”

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has often been the subject of gossip, some of it related to her weight and some of it related to the fact that she ages in public. But Winslet hasn’t let it drive her to the doctor’s office.

The English actress even says that plastic surgery goes against her morals. It’s probably just as well, because a shaved nose or frozen face wouldn’t look good in the period dramas Winslet loves to play.

Salma Hayek

Sorry, naysayers. Everything Salma Hayek has, she got from Mother Nature.

“No surgical procedures,” Hayek says. “No Botox, either. I think it’s terrible that these girls in their late 20s are injecting their faces and lips. One told me, ‘If I kill my muscles now, I’ll never get wrinkles.’ Can you imagine?”

Fortunately for the pretty mother of one, she’s aging like a fine wine and getting better every year.