Supernatural Captured On Video At Lincoln Cathedral

Jun 13, 2021 AT 09:34 AM | BY ChilliVibe

Supernatural, or at least something that is hard to explain from a quick glance, has been spotted in Lincoln Cathedral recently.
Paul Jackson managed to capture footage of an unidentified entity floating above organ in this allegedly haunted ancient cathedral.
There have been claims of various hauntings happening in this very cathedral, from ghosts of plague victims to ghost of a cleric.
Paul Jackson, 46-year-old IT engineer, was on a vacation with his son when he filmed this video. Only later when he reviewed the footage at home did he notice the bizarre object that he couldn’t quite make out. He decided to share the footage on his YouTube channel, where it has been viewed over 117,000 times.
While many agreed it was legitimately unnerving to watch, there were skeptics among viewers. Some claim it was either a reflection or a pigeon, while some even believe it was edited.